5-Minute Farm Fresh Face

So, you may wonder why, on a farm blog, we’re gonna talk about makeup… but, I figure if this is my blog, I should be able to talk about alllll the things I enjoy. Not just some of them. And I really enjoy the art of makeup.

That said, as a homeschool mom of 4 and a farm wife I don’t always have time to get up and put on a full face before I start the day. In fact, it’s rare. So, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been using lately to create the, ever so popular, “no makeup” makeup look. I’ve been wearing these products on the regular and I couldn’t be more stoked about them.

I know I’m probably extremely late to the party talking about these products but…. enter the CoverGirl Clean Fresh line of cosmetics. These beauty offerings are not only gorgeous, but relatively inexpensive as well as vegan. Even the effortless looking packaging is appealing. Everything is cruelty free and the range of shades is broad, yet manageable. Not to mention, they apply like a dream.

Here’s a breakdown of the items from this line that I use:

* Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation, Shade- Medium/Tan

* Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer, Shade- Light/Medium

* Clean Fresh Cream Blush, Shade- Flushed

* Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil, Shade- Freshly Squeezed

Now, I’ll go into detail about how I apply the products as well as the other things I couple with them to improve their staying power and the overall look. Let’s get started.

First, I start out by priming my face with my J. One Jelly Pack and Glassy Skin Balm (which makes a world of difference in glow factor and staying power). Then, I go straight into the Skin Milk Foundation. Now, I’m a ride or die beauty blender fan. It’s what I use for all of my typical foundations, but, oddly enough, I prefer to apply this one with a brush. So, I use the Real Techniques (200) Expert Face Brush. I really like its density and even distribution with no brush strokes left on my face.

I squeeze a small amount onto my forehead and each cheek (maybe a couple dots on my nose) and start blending out with the goal of making a sheer/medium coverage layer all over the face. I know I’ve applied too much if I can’t see my freckles through the layer. Remember, we want this to look “natural”.

Next, I apply the hydrating concealer to my under eye and the sides of nose only. Then, I blend it with the same brush so everything looks even and flawless. The last thing we want is for there to be harsh lines around our eyes, where the lighter concealer didn’t mesh with the rest of our makeup. Now, it’s time to set.

While the Clean Fresh line has it’s own powder, I really love to set my entire face using the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Performance Wear Powder Foundation (I use the shade Sable) on an It Cosmetics (#114) Airbrush Essential Bronzer brush. It’s fluffy and dense and picks up a nice amount of product without the problem of making you cakey. In fact, I feel like it leaves my face with more of a skin-like finish, and still lets the dewy-ness of the Skin Milk Foundation show through.

Depending on who you are and what you like, you can go ahead with either blush or bronzer as your next step. Personally, I enjoy putting on the cream blush from this line before bronzer, simply because I don’t want my blush to come on too strong or look too “fake”. I like everything to be more seamless. So, I begin by putting a small amount on the back of my hand; a little goes a long way because these babies are pigmented! Then, I pick up so on an It Cosmetics (#110) Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush and pack it ever-so-lightly along my cheekbones and a little on the apples of my cheeks. If I ever feel like I’ve dabbed on a bit too much, I go back to my Real Techniques brush to blend it out.

Bronzer is key to adding depth to the face and looking alive. I have been turning to my Ace Beaute “Bronzed in Paradise” palette to do a quickie nose contour and buff around my face and in the hollows of my cheeks. For these two tasks I use an Elf Flawless Concealer Brush and and Elf Kabuki Face Brush.

My favorite part is next and that is… THE GLOW. The entire reason that I looked into the Clean Fresh line is because I saw that their cooling glow stick in the shade “So Gilty” was used on a beautiful, dark skinned model in a magazine. I was instantly obsessed with finding that effortless, inner glow she had.
I was so excited when mine came in the mail and since it did I’ve always applied it the same way; with my fingers. I rub my middle finger on the stick until it starts to feel cool, and then I pat it onto the high points of my face. Mostly, my cheekbones, my nose, my chin, and my forehead. Though, as I get older, I am finicky about forehead highlight because sometimes I feel like it can bring out the lines I’m getting up there more. Depends on the day and the person, so use your own preferences to guide you.

Now, you can totally stop there and walk out the door and you’ll look more than ready for the day. Throw on your lip tint oil for a little life and color. You’re good to go!

Orrrr… if you’re like me, you might wanna “level up” your look. I like to finish out my eyebrows with some gel and my Anastasia Brow Definer (shade Granite) or RealHer definer brown pencil (shade dark brunette) . If I’m feeling fancy, I might put on a wash of Nars “Baby Jane” eyeshadow for a 70’s flair. And, even if I don’t, a good coat of mascara never hurt anyone. Lately, I’ve been loving the one by Laura Geller. And I set it all with Pixie Glow Mist Setting Spray.

Okay, ladies! It’s quick, simple, and easy. It’s vegan and safe for you. It applies amazingly and looks great. I back this collection and brand 100%, and while they did not endorse or sponsor this post in any way, I’d like to give a huge thank you to CoverGirl for coming out with something so cool and user friendly, this is flawless on the skin, and lasts all day. Go give this a shot, guys!

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