Hi there!

So glad you found The Lone Birch! Happy to have you here.

I’m Quintana (aka Quin) McConnell and I live in rural Ohio with my husband and our small tribe of kids. Four to be exact. And our family includes some pretty cute fur babies.

I love coffee, plants, cooking, photography, travel, and fashion/decor.

My blog includes a lot of what’s in my heart and on my mind. Like, family- parenting specifically-, fun style ideas and DIYs, yummy recipes, mental health, work around the farm, reviews/recommendations and more! There’s something here for everyone.

I write from my life experiences, and mistakes. As well as drawing inspiration from the world around me as it evolves and changes, each and every day. Or from things I’ve always wanted to try & took a chance on doing… finally!

I’m not an expert on a lot of things, but I enjoy the conversations we build through viewing each other’s perspectives and finding a common ground. We all have a story to tell; these blurbs on the site are just a part of mine.

Thanks for stopping by!